Thursday, January 10, 2013

Team Surfing - January 13th update

To make a BIG impression, we designate specific places to advertise and hold an informal "team surf." In the social settings we can help one another - "like" and comment about each other's posts and news releases, and generally support one another and the TOAN product in a public way, branding ourselves at the same time. These platforms often have a social element to them and meld well with our Facebook and You Tube activities too.

If you happen to belong to these places, we just encourage you to use some credits there now on TeamTOAN. If you are looking for new ideas and don't belong, most of these have free memberships to start off with. 

We will announce by email and post changes here and in the Skype discussion. If you are seeing high CTR's (Click Through Rates) and conversions somewhere, let me know if you don't mind (Skype me at louis.paquette2)

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  1. Traffic Exchange                       Traffic Swirl                                   
  2. Safe List                 State Of The Art Mailer        Nitro List
  3. Free Viral Sites       Adviralizer                 
  4. Social Network       IBO Toolbox                         IBO Toolbox                                      

Traffic Swirl:  
Nitro List: 

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