Monday, January 13, 2014

STAY TUNED For An Important Announcement

We'll be announcing a new program to market soon, in a few days.We'll be sending this out via email from the TeamTOAN Website.

Has your TOAN membership has expired? If you were thinking of getting this great advertising tool back, now might not be a bad time to do it. I and others are beginning to market it again. We can do so much more all working together.

Let's all double (at least) our TOAN downlines in 2014!  

If you need a link;


Louis Paquette
Vancouver, Canada

Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

TeamTOAN Sunday Chat January 13, 2013 6pm EST - 3pm PST

Go Here to attend
- no pre-registration required!


What's New

1. Number of Members from: 538 to: 568     Earnings to date: >$919     Hits to referral pages: 40105 

2. NEW Blog

3. Video Sharing - New way to advertise TOAN and TeamTOAN TeamTOAN Video:
Notice the multiple ways I am advertising TeamTOAN with this one link.

4. How To Create Momentum In Your TOAN Business  Brian Rooney's recent webinar - if you are not

yet comfortable introducing TOAN to prospects - you should click that link - read the article and listen to the audio recording - he tells you exactly what to say and how to respond to prospects!


Looking Forward

TeamTOAN Surf Parties!

                                              Previously            Shift Now To  (Jan 13th) 

  1. Traffic Exchange    Traffic Swirl                         Traffic Swirl                                   
  2. Safe List                 Ad Troopers                        Nitro List
  3. Free Viral Sites       Adviralizer                
  4. Social Network       IBO Toolbox                         IBO Toolbox                                      
(Note: We'll stick with a certain Social Network longer as it takes time to learn and use them)

Team TOAN Facebook Group:
TOAN Facebook page:

Not a Member yet?
You can join either TeamTOAN or TOAN itself first - it doesn't matter which order it's done.
TeamTOAN is merely there to help you succeed in TOAN and is a downline builder for other
complimentary programs. If you already belong, do add your affiliate links.
Promote many programs with only one link like this!

Or, join The Online Ad Network directly and TeamTOAN after:

 Regular Affiliate Link:

The Product - Advertising Categories
My Video Review of TOAN

Pass this invite along to your downline or even prospects and lets have a fun get together!
TeamTOAN Sunday Chat 6pm EST - 3pm PST
My Best Regards.
Louis Paquette
TeamTOAN Leader

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Team Surfing - January 13th update

To make a BIG impression, we designate specific places to advertise and hold an informal "team surf." In the social settings we can help one another - "like" and comment about each other's posts and news releases, and generally support one another and the TOAN product in a public way, branding ourselves at the same time. These platforms often have a social element to them and meld well with our Facebook and You Tube activities too.

If you happen to belong to these places, we just encourage you to use some credits there now on TeamTOAN. If you are looking for new ideas and don't belong, most of these have free memberships to start off with. 

We will announce by email and post changes here and in the Skype discussion. If you are seeing high CTR's (Click Through Rates) and conversions somewhere, let me know if you don't mind (Skype me at louis.paquette2)

                                          Previously                       Shift Now To  (Jan 13th) 

  1. Traffic Exchange                       Traffic Swirl                                   
  2. Safe List                 State Of The Art Mailer        Nitro List
  3. Free Viral Sites       Adviralizer                 
  4. Social Network       IBO Toolbox                         IBO Toolbox                                      

Traffic Swirl:  
Nitro List: 

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